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Our method has been called "a unique, unconventional and edgy approach to higher achievement". Boasting a 92% retention rate, we help athletes, warriors, and CEOs command control, make better decisions, enter into and sustain peak performance states, and so much more. 

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Why Most Performance Programs Fail:

They are not created for high-pressure situations so performance declines exactly when it is most needed.

They do not sufficiently leverage the brain’s natural trigger processes so the tools are quickly forgotten.

They are not tested in

real-life scenarios and honed over decades of application by top performers.

What Makes Us Different?

The Extreme Focus system is the blend of specialized scientific mindset principles combined with more than 30 years of professional sports and corporate mindset and emotional resilience training that applies to personal and professional pursuits.

The program is a 12-step process for peak performance—each step anchored with an animal appropriately named for easy recall—thus, triggering an emotional reset.

It increases the mental focus of employees and leaders so that they can more effectively achieve their missions, reduce mistakes and the risk of loss in day-to-day operations while improving their emotional resilience in the face of high-stress situations so they act intentionally rather than reacting habitually. 


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