Setting Yourself Up For 2018 Success

What were you doing a year ago? I was planning my 2017. I created an amazing vision board with projected sales, exercise and health goals, reading goals, business opportunities, spiritual growth goals, and yes, even a goal to live abroad for at least 4 months.

Well, things don’t always go as planned. No surprise there, right?

I started off the year with a flurry of activity. A big energetic push forward! I booked over 10 speaking opportunities (radio, podcast and conferences). I become a certified coach, paid speaker, business trainer and author. However, I didn’t bring in all the sales I had projected in 2017. (But I do welcome them in 2018!)

And during this flurry of activity, I suddenly found myself on a roller-coaster. Things weren’t going as planned. I was scrambling to make things work and stay afloat in what seemed to be wave after wave of business/financial blows.

I was reminded of my teenage years and my love for roller-coasters. 6 Flags Magic Mountain was my favorite! I loved the ups and downs, that feeling in your stomach when you’re going 60 MPH almost straight toward the ground. I would throw my hands up in the air, scream at the top of my lungs and then laugh until tears were streaming down my face. I had 100% faith in the engineers that had created the roller coaster. I focused on enjoying the ride.

And this year, as my journey went through the ups and downs of a roller coaster, I was reminded over and over again to trust the Engineer and to enjoy the ride.

I learned that instead of trying to be efficient and productive and checking things off my to-do list, I needed to Be Still. From that place, I could find peace in my situation, hear God’s guidance and select the best step forward.

That was my theme for the second half of 2017.

Be Still

As I shared my journey and discovery with other colleagues, business owners, and friends, they exclaimed that that resounded with them

We get so caught up in achieving or surviving. We forget that our Creator has it all figured out. We forget to stop and listen to that still small voice that guides us.

So, how about we start off our 2018 by implementing a

Be Still practice?

  • How different would your days be if you took 2-5 minutes every day to be reminded that God has it under control?

  • How different would your attitude and your actions be if you started each day in mindfulness?

  • How much more impactful could you become if you started your days grounded and centered in love?

  • What would it look like to have more purposeful interactions with your colleagues, friends, and loved ones?

  • How would your personal and professional life improve?

Are you ready to find out?

Join the Be Still Journey. It is a 31 Day Transformative Journey in Peace, Love and Trust.

Over the course of 31 days, you will receive a daily email to help you along your journey. Each email will include a reflective message, the opportunity to meditate upon it and implement it in your day. The messages are bits of inspiration I received while on my very own Be Still journey these past 6 months.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. On this journey, you will not only create the habit, you will firmly glue it in place.

Studies show that the habit of a mindfulness practice helps you become your best self, improves your decision making abilities, enhances your creativity, and brings more peace and harmony to your life. In essence, it sets you up for the truest and best success - the one that is personal to you!

Are you ready to be rooted and grounded in God’s love, learn to trust deeper in His provision, and hear His guidance for your life?

Join the Be Still Journey now!

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