Stop Learning, Start Doing!

Stop Learning Start Doing theSilReview Episode 213 Silvica rosca Leadership

I know, I know. That sounds like a pretty controversial headline.

"Stop learning?!?!" I can almost hear people say, "but leaders are readers, they're always learning!" And yes, that is true. I'm not referring to those who incorporate learning into their every day life.

What I am referring to are the people who are so paralyzed by fear that they are constantly in "learning only" mode. They buy course after course, perhaps finish them, and never feel ready to ACT. The act of investing in another course or another program gives them a sense of satisfaction, that they are doing something. Knowledge is power, after all right?

WRONG! Knowledge is POTENTIAL power. It becomes realized power only once it is put into action!

At some point in time, you will need to step out of the "student only" mode and into the ACTION and LEADER mode. It is safe to be in student only mode. Action requires taking responsibility. Action requires confidence and courage. Action requires EFFORT.

Action is the language of leaders! That is what episode 213 of theSilReview is all about.

Leaders take action. Yes, the best leaders seek to learn something new every day. Take Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, for example. They are voracious readers. Yet, they are also massive action takers.

They take what they learn, and start implementing it.

In 2016, I read 58 books! For each book, I wrote down key-takeaways as I finished reading it. I wanted to know the key actions I could take from each book, and start implementing them.

Now, just because I take action does not mean I don't feel any fear. All successful people feel fear. They take action through the fear. Why? Because the result is so much more important than the fear. And as they take action and get results, they gain more confidence and courage for future action.

That's why I take action. Because I know that the videos I create, the blog posts I write, and the words I share impact people! I know because I receive messages from people all over the world - Kenya, South Africa, Paraguay, Brazil, Germany, France, England - and all over the USA about how my content has impacted their lives. That wouldn't have happened had I not taken action.

How do I discipline myself to take action?

I created the Champion's Planner. It's a 13 week success planner/journal. By taking the time to plan out what I am going to do, I increase my chances of actually doing it! Now, you can use my planner, create one of your own, or use a virtual planner - it's up to you. The point is, get in the habit of using one. It helps you stay accountable to taking action.

Sometimes, you'll take the same action over and over again for many days in a row, to get it to become a habit or to master it. Other times, it'll require only one moment of action. Use a planner to keep you accountable.

Now, I do want to include, courses and programs are amazing tools. I highly encourage people to take ACTION and invest in their personal and leadership development by taking courses, going through programs, and attending conferences. That's one of the reasons why I created the Be Fearless program - to give people the opportunity to take action and become better leaders! It only works though if you take ACTION on what you have learned.

So, theSilReview Episode 213 summarized in 2 words: TAKE ACTION!

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