Officially Certified! What A Journey!

It's official. After a year of training and practice, I am now a certified Extreme Focus Coach!

What is this? What does it mean? Why did I do it?

The story starts a few years back. The year is 2012. The company I was working at was undergoing tumultuous change. A number of people had been laid off, there were more reduction in forces on the horizon, and, understandably, people were worried.

I was bored.

I was bored with my job. Sure, it had been fun at first, but after 6 years of working in the same department, I had reached my tipping point. So I applied to a position to our location in France. I was not qualified for it. I did not have the experience required and I was not at the grade level required. I applied because I knew I wanted to go work in France eventually, and I wanted the hiring personnel there to remember my name the next time I applied.

I did not get the French job.

I did attract the attention of our CFO. He realized that I was chomping at the bit to get moved, and being a high performing employee, he wanted to keep me challenged and growing. So he found a position for me that would stretch me. I am so grateful for that challenge.

I was only one month into the new position when I had the realization that I detested finance. I could no longer imagine myself doing this for the rest of my life. That stretch assignment challenged me to analyze myself, my goals, and my dreams. So I started exploring, reading, and investing in myself. I wanted to discover what it was that I wanted to do.

This was the start of my journey.

Fast forward to 2016, and I had realized what I wanted to do. It was something I was doing all along - mentoring and coaching people to become high performers, happy in work and life, and living out their full potential. As I researched different certification programs, one stood out to me.

So I connected with the founder and signed up for a year of 1-on-1 training and mentoring. What a journey it has been! While working on my certification, I launched my business, multiple products, quit my job, and rode the roller coaster of entrepreneurship full-out! I was challenged and stretched further than ever before in my life. And my life is so much fuller for it.

There were so many lessons learned. However, as I reflect on the journey, one sticks out:

Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the day to day battles!

Life is not about the destination. It is about the journey itself. It is the journey that makes the destination worthwhile. It is in the journey that your character is developed. The journey makes all the difference!

So enjoy it. Find ways to be grateful for the challenges that come your way. Find ways to rejoice even when the circumstances seem adverse. Enjoy this growth process. Be thankful for the growth. Every challenge is a tool for the future.

And so, here I am, an Extreme Focus certified coach (which by the way, is one of the few mental performance programs endorsed by the Pentagon)!

My journey has enriched me, and because of it, I bring so much more value to my clients.

Now, on to my next journey!

Share the lessons learned from your journey in the comments below!

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