How to Be a Great Leader - GIVE FIRST!

Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver. In Episode 208 of theSilReview, we talk about how to apply the go-giver principles to leadership.

The basic premise of the go-giver is that you first give value, and then you reap the rewards.

Money is the thunder to value's lightning.

Burg, and his co-author John David Mann, show how that principle applies to personal and business success. In a competitive and self-focused world, their advice stands out.

Look our for others? Put others' interests first?

That seems like a recipe for disaster, and for last place finishes. In corporate America, though we were told many times that "trust, respect, and teamwork" are highly valued traits, the general consensus was that in order to rise to the top, you had to look out for yourself. You had to take care of yourself, because no one else would.

In fact, that was the advice one retiree gave me. She told me:

"Silvica, you have to take care of yourself. If you constantly give, give, give,

the company will take, take, take. You need to set the limits"

So how would the Go-Giver principle of "give to receive" apply to success in business and leadership?

Quite easily.

You see, there's perception, and there's reality.

I noticed that the people who only looked out for themselves appeared to have success. However, it was short-term. Those who had long-term success where the ones who found ways to provide value and benefit the entire organization, while taking care of themselves.

You can do both!

I took my colleague's advice. I took care of myself. I made sure to take my lunch breaks, take walking breaks, enjoy my weekends, take time off and did not work myself frazzled. And with all that, I gave my best, high-quality work. I applied these used these 3 methods to handle stress and improve productivity. I showed up at work, got noticed, interacted with management and executives. I brought my positive A game every time.

At first, it might have seemed that I was giving and not receiving. And yet, my efforts were noticed. I was appreciated by the executives for performing graceful under pressure, for helping my team, for raising morale, and for smoothing out team dynamics. How did they show their appreciation? Doors of opportunities opened for me, and I was placed in the succession plan.

The Go-Giver principles apply! Listen to the broadcast below to find out how you can apply them as a leader:

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