Build Your Leadership Legacy on the Foundation of Integrity

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes on leadership is this:

"It is true that integrity alone will not make you a leader,

but without integrity, you will never be one."

How true is that!

One of the key elements of transformational leaders, of those leaders who leave a positive impact on their organizations, is that their followers TRUST them. Their word is their bond. As the Bible would say it, "their 'Yes' is a Yes and their 'No' is a No".

Of course, we've had plenty of examples of leaders acting WITHOUT integrity. Look at Enron, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and at politics overall. There are plenty of bad examples to choose from.

We can see why integrity is important. Living and leading without integrity results in catastrophe - it hurts those around you.

In episode 207 of theSilReview, we deep dive into WHY integrity is an essential aspect of leadership.

If you want your team to respect you, follow you, and excel, you need to be a person they can trust. You need to lead with integrity. Whether you are a female leader or a male leader. Whether you are just starting onto your leadership journey. Perhaps you have just been promoted to management and want to be the best manager possible. Perhaps you've had years of leadership experience.

Whatever your situation might be - INTEGRITY IS YOUR FOUNDATION!

This lesson learned came from not only years of experience (and let's be honest, plain common sense!). I also came across it in the book Be A Beast by Dave Austin and Roger Anthony.

Dave (and Roger, who has now passed away), coaches athletes on mental performance. He trains them to use the power of their mind to get super-star and champion-like results on the field. He has trained athletes across the gamut of professional associations, even Olympians and Navy Seals!

And for all of them, one of the basic, grounding principles is INTEGRITY!

Integrity is so much more than keeping your word to other people. It is also keeping your word to yourself. Each time you act OUTSIDE of integrity, you are training your subconscious mind not to believe yourself. Not to trust yourself.

And women, in general, tend to struggle with self-confidence more so than men. If you are not acting within integrity, you are training yourself to not trust yourself, and thereby tearing down your self-confidence. Start leading with integrity, living in integrity, and your self-confidence will benefit!

Listen to the video below (or read the captions) to join on the discussion of integrity in leadership.

Oh, and by the way, the doors are now open for the May co-hort of Be Fearless! Are you ready to dive deeper on your leadership journey. Do you want to be a more confident leader? Do you want to lead with love and authority? Then join your fellow female leaders now!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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