Are You Trying To Replace Yourself?

When you started your leadership journey, did you imagine that one day you'd be looking for your replacement?

If you didn't, then you should start thinking about it.

In Episode 206 of theSilReview we dive into this aspect of great leaders. Great leaders know that they are not the organization. Great leaders know that the organization does not stop with them. Great leaders know that it takes a TEAM to build and sustain an organization.

And great leaders know that they will not live forever. They will not always be at the same organization. So what do they do? They build a strong team. They invest in their team.

They constantly seek to REPLACE themselves.

They in essence are building up teams that can run without them.

You do want to take vacations every now and then, right? It would be nice to have a sick day, take maternity leave, or perhaps a spa day, and NOT worry about the day to day operations.

This applies whether you are leading a non-profit, a business, or a team within a corporation.

So start now. Look around. Who on your current team has leadership potential? Keep in mind, some people might be diamonds in the rough.

One of my favorite quotes from "the One-Minute Manger" is this:

"Everyone is a potential winner.

Some people are disguised as losers.

Don't let their appearance fool you."

And how true is that!

For some people on your team, you might be the first person in their life who has looked at them and asked "What potential does this person have?". Keep that in mind. Look at your team as a work in progress (as we all are). We are not finished masterpieces. We are still being shaped and molded. Some of us are farther along than others.

So look with fresh eyes. Look with a new perspective. Eagerly look to find the potential in your team. And once you find it, build it up. Invest in them! Perhaps enroll them into Be Fearless, my online leadership training program. Perhaps you'll purchase them a self-development book to start their journey.

Whatever you do, start now.

Join the ranks of other great leaders. Start replacing yourself.

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