Forgiveness - Your New Leadership Strategy


How many of you have had a manager who always seemed to remember all the mistakes you made?

Almost without fail, each time you'd mess up, they'd remind you of all the other times you messed up. Each time you accomplished something, they'd remind you to not get too cocky, because it's only a matter of time before you mess up, like you normally do.

How excited were you to work with this kind of manager? Did you consider them a leader?

My guess is you disliked them, and considered them a bad example of management.

Yet, how many times do you do the same thing?

Think about it -

Do you constantly remind yourself of the mistakes you have made? Do you downplay your accomplishments and focus on your short-comings? You are the leader of your life. Do you like the way you are leading yourself?

Likewise, if you are currently leading a team. What kind of a leader are you for them? Does your team feel empowered to take chances? Do they feel that it is okay to experiment? Or do they fear your disapproval - your look of "I told you so"?

These are questions to consider in episode 205 of theSilReview. We dive into the leadership lesson learned from Brendon Burchard's book Life's Golden Ticket.

You can watch/listen/read the podcast here:

You can purchase your copy of the book at

Are you ready to uncover your true leadership potential?

Join Be Fearless!

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