Leaders - Know Your Heart!

What does heart have to do with leadership? Everything!

In the business world, we are often taught to leave our emotions at the door - to freeze our heart out and use only our brain. What faulty teaching!

Business is run by people, providing services for people, selling to people ... and people have hearts and emotions! A leader who is in touch with their emotions (read Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry) and their heart has the advantage. They connect better with their people, they motivate and inspire them, and they are able to achieve goals because of it.

In Episode 203 of theSilReview, we dive into a lesson for leaders from Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist. The book is a personal development classic. Well, perhaps not classic in the literal definition - perhaps staple would be a better word for it. It is one of the 58 books that I read last year.

The lesson that struck me the strongest, as pertaining to leaders, is to KNOW YOUR HEART!

Leaders - know your heart!

Know your personal goals. What do you truly want to accomplish in life? Be sure to align yourself with an organization (or build a business of your own) that aligns with those goals.

Know WHY you want to achieve those goals. What motivates you? Know that deeply.

And also know yourself so well, that you are willing to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. In other words, remain humble! Servant leadership - one in which the leader is humble and serves their team, helps their team succeed - is one of the necessary characteristics of the 21st century leader. Know your heart - be humble - and serve your team.

Listen (or read the captions) to the video below for more details. Add your comment below.

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