You CANNOT Do Leadership Alone

Rugged individualism.

Self-Made Millionaire.

When we hear these terms, we usually cheer and root for these individuals. Something deep within us wants to scream, "Yes, that's right! You do it! You do it ALL!"

And yet, the reality is that you cannot do it all ALONE. Individualism and self-discipline and motivation are critical to success, but they are not a one-stop shop, cure-all.

You need to have a team!

Any leader will quickly know this. You don't get results by yourself. You get them by working with your team. A large part of leadership is about moving people onto your platform, inspiring and motivating people to work together towards a common goal. You could try to work towards that goal by yourself. Chances are, it will either take way too long for it to happen, you'll burn out long before any chances at success come, you name it.

So at one level, we know that we can't do it alone. We know that we need a team. Yet, we so quickly forget it!

Anthony Amos, in his book "How To Catch A Shark" - which is co-authored by Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark Tank, talks about the importance of team effort. He writes that magic starts to happen when you go from "me" to "we".

In Episode 204 of theSilReview, we dive into this concept of "you can't do it alone". Watch/listen/read the video below:

Want to avoid are some common "do it alone" mistakes leaders make? Take these 3 steps

  1. Have a mentor or mastermind! Have someone you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of.

  2. If you're an entrepreneur, self-employed or leading a team of volunteers, look at all the things you're doing. Identify tasks that could be done by others, and then give that responsibility to someone else!

  3. Every day, select a team member, and remind yourself of all the reasons you are grateful to have that person on your team. It will get you in the mindset of gratitude and it will remind you of the value of your team.

You can get a copy of How to Catch a Shark at

Are you read to step up as a caring, confident leader?

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