Your Mental Board of Directors

And, theSilReview is back!

In October 2015, I started a new adventure that I called theSilReview. It was an almost daily broadcast to the entire world - LIVE - via Periscope in which I broke down the must-read books on personal development, success, and business.

I first started it to help one of my online networks be able to dive into the principles of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I quickly got over 2,000 followers, and realized this is going to be a thing. In fact, that's what enabled me to launch Business Brains Inc.

I took a pause for a while. And now, it's back!

This time, I'll be reviewing all types of resources - books, conferences, authors, speakers - you name it! I'll extract the valuable lessons learned for leadership in those resources.

The first episode of season 2 of theSilReview starts with leadership lessons learned from "The Trajectory Code" by Dr. Jeffrey Magee.

The biggest lesson learned is that we all have a mental board of directors. We get them by default, without even thinking.

Let's put it to the test. If you were to make a big life decision right now, whose opinion would matter the most to you? Whose advice would you care about the most? Did you choose this person as an influencer in your life? Or did they just become an influencer (as is the case with family members).

To truly be an effective leader, to be the best version of a leader that you can be, you need to be aware of who is on your mental board of directors, and curate that board.

Dr. Magee talks about the 5 positions on your board of directors, and how to select them.

Here is theSilReview Episode 201. It has captions, so you can read in silence, if sound is not an option.

You can purchase the book The Trajectory Code at

Are you ready to step up your leadership game? Join Be Fearless now!

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