A Tale of Two Analysts

Oh, the places they would go,

the people they would meet,

the ladders they would climb!

Jane was a quick learner. She did her job well, and would often take on additional projects. However, when Jane walked into a meeting room, her eyes quickly searched for the seat furthest back, or closest to the wall. She kept her notepad and pen close to her, careful to not take up too much space. Often times, she wouldn’t even sit at the table, choosing instead to sit in the row of chairs behind.

She spoke only when called on, and would quickly, and timidly leave the meeting room as soon as the meeting was adjourned. Her presence was hardly noticed.

Jill also was a quick learner. She did her job well, volunteered for additional projects, and got involved in the social network at the company. When she walked in the room, she commanded presence. She would enter with a smile and a laugh, enthusiastically and familiarly greeting the people who were already in room. She chose a seat that was visible, and from which it would be easy to see everyone in the room.

Her confidence radiated from within her, filling up the space, yet being graceful at the same time. People would observe her reactions and eagerly listen to her thoughts. She lingered to speak to people after the meeting was over. She was noticed.

In my experience in corporate America, most women WISHED they could be Jill, but wound up personifying Jane instead.

I chose to be Jill.

Who do you want to be?

If you want to be like Jane, join Be Fearless, and learn to unlock the clarity, focus and confidence within you.

Take up your FULL space.

Make your presence felt.

Allow your inner confident self to show up to the outer world.

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