3 Tips On How To Get Noticed from a PR Strategist

Jill Lublin Silvica Rosca Author Interview Series

"Public relations!", you exclaim. "What does this have to do with me stepping up as a business leader?" Well, a lot more than you think!

One of the things I love to do is read - as you all know. The beauty of reading books from different sources is that you never know what words will inspire you. And, although the advice was meant to be applied to one field, you'll be enlightened and learn how to apply it to other fields in your life. The more areas in which you can apply a piece of advice, the more likely it is to stick.

With that said, last year I read the book "Guerrilla Publicity" by Jill Lublin. You can read my brief summary of her book and the other 57 books I read HERE.

Although the book is geared towards business owners, freelancers, and people who are seeking to gain publicity (in the traditional sense), her advice is highly practicable for all areas - including getting noticed in the business field.

After reading her book, I interviewed her (in person!) at CEO Space (a brilliant conference for those seeking to grow their business). Here is the interview and my top 3 takeaways on how to apply her advice to get noticed in YOUR field!

Top 3 Take-Aways:

1. Know your unique talents and abilities

What do you want to stand out for? What are your unique talents and abilities that will help you stand out? This is where doing a complete assessment of yourself comes in handy. That is why most leadership development programs start with self assessment. Mine included!

When assessing yourself, look at where you started and where you are now. What have you learned and mastered that you can teach others? Look at what other people frequently comment to you about. Think about comments such as "you're so good at ....." or "This comes so easily to you."

We are so accustomed to our natural talents that we don't notice them. Take the time to do a proper inventory. If you want to get noticed, know what you want to get noticed for!

2. Communicate effectively

If you want to get noticed, you need to be able to communicate! Marketers and advertisers communicate at a basic level - they want to keep things simple enough so that the general population can understand. In the world of business especially, simple and clear is always better than fancy and elevated.

You want people to understand you! You do NOT want them to spend five minutes trying to figure out what you said or meant. This applies whether you are speaking or writing an email.

If you consistently communicate clearly, you WILL be noticed! People will appreciate you at all levels in the business field. You want to stand out for the RIGHT reasons. Let your communication be one of those.

3. Allow your personality to shine through.

People do business with people. If you want to get noticed, BE A PERSON! Allow people to get to know you. Share part of your personality and personal life with your business field. Allow those two spheres to interact.

The more people can relate to you, the more you'll stand out in their mind. If you're like me and you love to burst out into song, then allow yourself to do so (at the appropriate times, of course). When I was working in corporate America, if I had a song in my head while walking down the hallway, I'd either hum or sing it softly. If I was in a meeting, I'd keep it to myself. Share when it is appropriate.

Now, as a coach, I frequently burst into song in my livestreams. And, sometimes when working with my clients, I'll quote a song or sing a lyric that relates to the topic we're discussing.

Be a person - allow people to get to know you!

So there you have it! Three take-aways on how to stand out and get noticed! You can listen to the full interview via the video above to get all of the take-aways. And, you can also purchase her book, Guerrilla Publicity, fore more information.

Oh, and before I forget, Jill is offering a free gift! You can access Jill's free gift here: publicitycrashcourse.com/freegift

You can get more info on Jill at: www.jilllublin.com www.publicitycrashcourse.com

You can also contact her at 415-883-5455.

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