Balancing Christmas, Family & Business

Silvica Rosca Christmas wishes Memories

Merry Christmas everyone! And for those who celebrate Hannukah, Kwanza, etc... Happy Holidays to you!

December is always a busy season. There are the different holidays, the end of the year business flurry, the family meetings, catching up with friends, etc... You get the picture. It gets busy. And by default, it gets stressful.

This season, I encourage you to set time aside to simply enjoy. Allow yourself to stop worrying. Allow yourself guilt free moments of spontaneity. Moments in which all you do is drink in the moment. Observe the smiles on the people around you. Think of the memories you have shared with each person throughout the year. Remember the good, forgive the negative. Be in the moment, gratefully enjoying the presence of your loved ones.

If you have lost a loved one, remember the happy moments, and cherish those whom you do have around you.

Forget the unwrapped presents. Forget your to-do list. Enjoy this beautiful time together.

Business can wait (gasp!).

Merry Christmas to you all! With much love!

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