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When I first started broadcasting on social media, I knew theoretically that I would be able to impact people all over the world. It didn't truly dawn upon me what that would mean.

The picture above shows the most recent views on my website, by geographic location. 32 countries are represented.

People from 32 countries are viewing the content from my website!

That is mind blowing! This doesn't factor in the people who are watching me via Facebook Live. Crazy!

What is even more humbling is the messages I receive from people all over the world. One of my followers from South Africa contacted me to say that they play my videos at their entrepreneur meet-ups and discuss them. That is their meet-up. Discussing my videos!

Another follower from Kenya contacted me saying she uses the content I put out to encourage the women in the slums who are launching their own businesses so that they can get out of poverty.

A follower from the United States told me how for the past few years, he was driving a delivery truck. He wanted to be promoted to an office job. So he started listening to me, applying what he learned, and now, he has that office job!

What kind of impact would you like to leave? Are you launching your own business? Are you working your way up the corporate ranks? Whatever your path is, what impact do you want to leave? Would you like to leave a global impact? If so, where to start, right?

Here is how I went from a financial analyst to motivating and empowering people across the world.

Here are the steps.

  1. I gave VALUE.

  2. I started NOW, instead of waiting for sometime in the future when I'd have a bigger platform.

  3. I was CONSISTENT.

I started by GIVING VALUE. I was already working full-time and volunteering in my community, but decided to up the ante by taking it to social media. I livestream-ed, broadcast-ed, posted, messaged, Snapchat-ed, you name it! All with one purpose - giving people value. Giving people the content, information and tools they needed to get their business mind into top performance mindset.

So whether it was motivation, breaking down the must-read books on entrepreneurship and mindset, interviewing experts, attending conferences and providing recaps, or live coaching sessions, I provided it. I put my heart on the line.

Note, I started exactly where I was. I used the resources that were available for me. Don't wait until you have a bigger platform. Start now - wherever you are. Your platform will grow as you give value.

I gave value, started from where I was and CONSISTENTLY pursued this path. It took a lot of time and effort. I gave up my lunch hours, stayed up late, and turned down invitations to hang out with friends. Why? Because I was working for something bigger. I wanted to have global impact. That kind of impact doesn't happen without giving of yourself first.

What about you? Do you want to have a global impact? Start now, start giving value, and be consistent.

If you are working a corporate career - what can you do to go above and beyond your job requirements? How can you be of extra help to your team? When I worked at my corporate job, I wasn't "just" a financial analyst. I volunteered on projects, organized morale events for the employees, served as the Women's Network president, and much more. Why? Because I wanted to have an impact beyond the Excel spreadsheets.

Perhaps you don't have as many opportunities as I did. Another thing I did was help my co-workers out by being the unofficial counselor and cheerleader. I offered an empathetic ear, supportive shoulder, and helped them work out their challenges. That meant I had to work later at times. But that small sacrifice was worth it when I saw the collaborative, loving environment I was creating around me. Perhaps you can provide that kind of value to your company.

If you are an entrepreneur, building up your own business, there are other ways to provide value. Do you go above and beyond when delivering your products and services to your clients? You can go one step further and reach out to other entrepreneurs. You can go to local schools and volunteer to speak and encourage the students there.

Whatever your path is - if you want to have a global impact you need to start now. You need to give value. And you need to be consistent.

If you read this and are thinking "Yes, that is me! I want to have global impact but don't know where to start". No worries, I got you.

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