In Sports and Business, TEAMS Win Championships!

Teams Win Championships - Business Coach

For those who follow Baseball, this week was HISTORIC! The Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year losing streak. They finally won the Major League Baseball World Series title. They are champions!

As I was watching the Chicago Cub players and the rest of the team jump up in joyous celebration - tears streaming down their face - I of course got caught up in the emotion as well. Baseball isn't even a sport I prefer to watch. But the story, the jubilation, I was swept up in the pure exhilarating emotion.

The last time the team had won a title, Wallace Wattles hadn't written his book The Science of Getting Rich. It was before any of Napoleon Hill's works had been published. Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison were still alive. WWI hadn't started yet.

So as I saw the fans crying and cheering with abandon, I got caught up in it as well. This was history in the making.

And then a thought hit me. The TEAM just won a championship.

Let that sink in.

It wasn't the pitcher. It wasn't the infield. It wasn't the outfield. It wasn't the coach. It wasn't the athletic trainers. It wasn't the general manager. It was the entire team combined.

TEAMS win championships.

This is true for all sports. Behind ever single tennis player is a coach (or two), an entire team of physical trainers, a mental performance coach, and an entire group of dedicated fans. No one goes at it alone.

The same goes for business. Behind every Fortune 100 CEO or startup darling featured on magazines is a team of advisers and investors. And, not as noticeable, usually an executive business coach. A coach whose pushes the CEO, helps him/her overcome mental blocks, and be the leader their business needs.

Who is on your team?

Whether you are the CEO of your own company or are working your way to the C-suite at the company you work for - who do you have on your team? Who is helping you overcome those mental blocks. You know it - a tough project or client pitch. Who do you turn to? Do you sink into negative self talk? Or do you have a coach who has given you a proven technique to get your mind game on point and ready to crush it?

If you don't have a team, get one soon. As the Chicago Cubs displayed, it takes a TEAM to win a championship. If you want to become the champion of your career or business, get your team in place.

Perhaps you'll start with an online course and community. Perhaps you'll want a one month quick start. Or a 6 month accountability group. Whatever the case, I'm here for you! Send me an email. Let's see how we can get you on path to YOUR championship.

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