Lessons from Digital Footprint: Tracy Hazzard, Greg S Reid, Jeff Hoffman & more

As I mentioned in the prior post, I attended Digital Footprint Conference in Anaheim, CA last weekend. It is organized by Ken and Kerri Courtright and the Income Store. The conference delivered much more than it promised. It covered topics across the entire business spectrum - digital marketing, online research strategies, luxury branding, personal development, success habits and building businesses the smart way.

The speakers list was extraordinary:

This 4 day event (that's right, 4 days) was jam-packed each day with back-to-back speakers, networking, and fun. I took pages of notes, and would love to share them all with you. However, that would be much too long of a post. Instead, I'll share the top 3 lessons. These lessons can be applied to business building and to career building.

I did a Facebook video series on the other lessons as well. You can access those videos HERE.

Lesson #1: What Are You REALLY Getting Paid to Do?

It's easy to think that you're getting paid to build a website, crunch numbers or to provide a service of some sort. However, what your client/employer is actually paying you to do is to deliver a benefit. What will your product/service help them accomplish in life?

Do they want the financial report or do they want to ensure the financial transparency and health of the company? Financial reports are stagnant numbers. Financial transparency and health means positive contribution to the economy, paid employees, and happy customers. Does your client really want "just" a website? Nope. They want an online representation of themselves that will drive revenue and make an impact.

Once you learn to see things from that perspective, the way you approach your business and career changes. There is a different drive and passion, a higher level of quality, and the impact will be seen and felt.

Lesson #2: The Power of Forgiveness

Yes, I know, this is an odd lesson learned. At least, so it seems at first glance. But it is a truly powerful lesson. Life gets messy. We will encounter conflicts with our customers, clients, co-workers, partners, employers, managers, investors, board of advisers .... you get the point. The natural human reaction is to hold on to the pain that conflict causes. In other words, our natural reaction is to not fully forgive. The impact? It takes up mental real estate, causes negative emotions, causes stress, and slowly tears us down. It's like having bloatware running in the background.

If left unattended, it will impact your interaction with not only those who have wronged you, but also your interaction with others. And eventually, it will impact your decisions as well.

The solution?

Forgive and let it go.

Forgive others.

It's like killing that bloatware that's running in the background. Replace that negativity with love and forgiveness, and you'll see a change in your interactions, energy, and decision making ability.

Also key - FORGIVE YOURSELF! Stop holding on to the mistakes you've made. Stop beating yourself up over it. Forgive yourself. And trust that you have learned the lesson and will take better decisions and actions in the future.

I've seen the power of forgiveness in the corporate environment, among business partners, and in non-profit organizations. It heals broken team dynamics, allows for a united front, and clears from for a much bigger impact.

Lesson #3: Never Give UP!

One of the resounding lessons! I heard it in my talks with Tracy Hazzard when she told the story of how HazzDesign started. I heard it in Brian Smith's talk on the roller coaster ride he had while taking Ugg Boots from conception to adulthood. It was heard in Greg Reid's talk of lessons learned from his 3 years of interviewing the most successful people on the planet. Or from Ken Courtright's detailing of the steps they took to help a client persevere in the face of certain defeat. Or Ross Halleck telling us how he and his vineyard were able to survive and bounce back from the Great Recession. And Jeff Hoffman telling of the obstacles along his path as he overcame the naysayers to build up a company which later sold for >$100M!

Over and over again, in all presentations, you heard this: NEVER GIVE UP! Do your research, find a model, plan a course of action, and then JUST DO IT. Persevere.

Signing off for now! Remember, you can catch more of the lessons learned HERE.

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