Quitting, Changing, & Moving Forward

So, it's been a a month since I've last posted. Why? Multiple reasons. The largest of which is that I have made a lot of important life and business changes in the past 2 months. My brain needed time to process it all. Sometimes, we need to slow down in order to speed up.

I'd love to share those changes with you.

Change #1 - I QUIT my job!

That's right. After 10 years of working in corporate America, I quit. I've worked in nearly every area of finance for a Fortune 100 company. I say nearly because I did not work in accounting, thankfully.

I learned so much while working for my former employer. All the technical skills aside, I learned how to lead without having the title of leader, how to develop training material and train a site of 2k employees, how to manage teams and expectations, how to take risks, how to improve team dynamics, how to speak effectively to C-level executives, how to believe in myself, how to portray confidence even when I was scared, and most importantly - how to help others do the same. I spent my time there working the job, developing as a person, and coaching others (especially my female colleagues) grow.

A lot of who I show up as in the world has been shaped by my time there. I'm grateful for the opportunities, the relationships, and the growth.

But it was time to move on. It was time to do the work that I was placed here on earth to do.

Change #2 - My coaching focus.

For those who have followed me since October 2015 on Periscope, you know me as "the book girl". I started off by giving in depth reviews on books related to mindset and entrepreneurship. As time went by, I started focusing more on entrepreneurship. I like helping people become successful. And since so many entrepreneurs were following me, I figured this was how I could best help them.

I then expanded to offer mindset coaching for entrepreneurs. That started the months of experimenting and much trial and error. The results from each experiment clearly pointed that I had to continue clarifying my target market. I had so many people tell me they appreciated my free advice, but that as entrepreneurs, they were struggling financially and couldn't afford a coach at the moment.

I had my moments of frustration and exasperation. It was tough putting in so much effort - live broadcasting almost every day, countless hours on social media, all on top of my full-time work and volunteer schedule - and not seeing any monetary results. I knew if I kept working at it, something will shake out.

And it did. People started reaching out to me. I was surprised because it wasn't the target market I had originally sought out. Instead, it was women who noticed my confidence and wanted to know how they could have that in their career. That's when it hit me - all this time I had been running away from what I had 10 years of experience doing - coaching women who work in male dominated industries.

I knew I had to change my focus. So I did. And as soon as I did, my first clients showed up.


​​Change is good. If you want to grow and know what you're truly capable of, you need to go outside of your comfort zone. That requires change.

I needed some time to process that change. Thank you for giving me that time. What change is going on in your life? How are you processing it? Leave comments below!

Until next time, remember to smile, laugh & love!

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