This Habit KILLS Success

Habits make the man. We've all heard variations of that quote. Truth is, habits really do make you who you are.

Our brain creates shortcuts for everything we do so that it becomes habitual. So that it requires less processing time. Take for example you drinking water. When you first learn to drink water, it's a struggle. How many times did you spill on yourself as a toddler (we won't mention as an adult)? Eventually, your brain mastered the process of drinking water from a cup and it created a shortcut to remember that process. It now became habit. The last time you drank from a cup - did you stop to think if you were bringing the cup up at the right angle, if it was the right distance, etc...? No, you drank out of habit.

Our habits in life and work will determine our success. And one of the habits that absolutely KILLS success is procrastination. Listen to the video below to hear how:

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