Top 2 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

And, we continue our Lessons Learned from CEO Space. This lessons is very important. You see, these two mistakes that most new entrepreneurs make will cost you time and money. I know, because I have made them too.

This lesson was shared by Betsy Westhafer of ActionsMaster Network. The top 2 mistake new entrepreneurs make are:

1. Doing the WRONG things

They don't do any research, they don't get lessons learned or advice from anyone. They just jump in with a "I'll learn this on my own attitude." Yes, they might eventually learn it on their own. But learning from your own mistakes is the costliest way to learn. It's better to learn from the mistakes of others.

2. Doing the RIGHT things, but in the WRONG order.

This mistake can be deadly. You know what needs to be done. But instead of going in sequence, you try to do step 4. Most entrepreneurs try to sell first. If you haven't branded yourself and marketed yourself, it will be very costly to sell. You'll have a harder time breaking into your market.

What should you do? In order to do the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time - learn from other people. Get advisers, find a mentor, get a coach. Any investment you put out for the advice will save you much more in time and money spent on mistakes.

Here is the full video:

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