Character is More Important Than Profits

Silvica Rosca Lessons Learned CEO Space episode 1

I started doing a series of Lessons Learned from CEO Space when I first attended in May 2016. For those who are not familiar, CEO Space is amazing. It's a place where you can growth hack your business, meet amazing new contacts, and learn what it truly means to collaborate. The next forum starts July 22nd, so I am doing a series of Lessons Learned so people can get a taste of it beforehand.

The very first lesson I learned is that who you ARE is more important than what you HAVE. This doesn't come as a shocker. But the fact that this is the very first speech I heard at a business conference, now that is saying something. This set the tone for the entire week to come.

The speaker, David Corbin, started off by underlining the importance of your character - who you are - who you become. Because, as he said, "most people want to HAVE more, but most people aren't willing to BE more".

The full details are available in this video:

What are you doing to BE more? Let me know!

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