5 MUST HAVES in Professional Relationships

professional relationships by silvica rosca

Most people dread networking events. It's a place where you go, put on your "slick" face and meet other "slick" people. You say hi and talk about the weather while quickly assessing whether the person in front of you can be of help to you.

It's high pressure. Get those business cards!

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

You see, networking should be an enjoyable experience. This is where you go to meet people with whom you might have a life-long relationship with! Instead of thinking of the short run, think long-term.

Per Richard Koch in "The 80/20 Principle" there are 5 critical components to a successful professional relationship. I broke it down on a Facebook Live video here:

The 5 Key take-aways are:

1. Enjoy the relationship. Enoy spending time with the other person.

2. Mutual respect for each other and the value you bring to the relationship

3. Shared experience - experience business/life together (yes, this takes time)

4. Give value, don't just take


Look at your current professional relationships. If they are missing one of these key components, perhaps it's time to work on it.

Until next time!

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