How I Won the Lotto

That's right. You read it right. I won the lotto! Only, it's not the lotto you're thinking of. It's much better. I won the lotto of life! I moved to the USA at a young age and learned English as my 3rd language. I won the lotto.

I had the privilege to live in the USA, the land where dreams can come true. The land where if you work hard, you can become whatever you want to be.

Our family was poor at the beginning. I had only 3 pairs of pants in junior high - black jeans, blue jeans and brown corduroy. I strategically wore them throughout the week to make it less obvious that I had only 3 pairs. I won the lotto! We learned to be grateful for what we had. We learned to be resourceful. We learned to work hard, to treasure the small things in life and to be content. And on the plus side, I learned to not worry about what OTHERS said or thought about me. Yes, I won the lotto. In my job at a Fortune 100 company, I was moved to a new position and with only 4 days of training was expected to master my new job role. I had reports due to senior level executives. I had no one to help me. Yet, I got through it. Scratch that, I DOMINATED! I won the lotto. I learned to trust myself. I learned that my brain has a capacity much bigger than I give it credit. I learned to never underestimate myself. I learned that if I set my heart and mind to something I WILL ACCOMPLISH IT! I CAN and I WILL!

I won the lotto!

The lotto of life is the one that you control. You decide if you win it or not. How? By mastering the mental game. Your mindset either propels you towards success or keeps you down in mediocrity. I won the lotto because my parents set me up for success. They taught me early in life to use life's experiences to learn and grow, to be positive and to be grateful. They helped me set the habits for success in my mind.

I won the lotto. And now, I help others win it too.

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