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And, we’re back with another amazing interview! I would like to introduce you to Raine Turner, the author of Reveal, Heal, And Shine. Raine is a transformational empowerment coach. She helps strong, independent women who feel that they’re stuck on the treadmill of life to be able to create more time, freedom, self-confidence and energy in their lives. Her book Reveal, Heal, And Shine, which is available on Amazon, goes through the five steps to emotional freedom.

The thing I love about Raine is that she instantly connects with people. We instantly vibed and let the conversation flow. For this blog post – because I wanted it to be a post and not a novel – I’ve included brief excerpts from our interview. You can connect with Raine on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You get a copy of her book HERE.

Here is the full interview. Some excerpts from the interview are transcribed below.

Excerpt 1:

Me: All right. So, Raine, let’s go ahead and dive on in. What inspired you to write this book?

Raine: It’s quite difficult actually. The inspiration came with me getting my program online. I’ve been wanting to take it global for a long, long time. … And I realized that for a lot of people, they really don’t know what self-impairment means. In its purest form. And so for me, writing a book was about giving people the what and the why.

So for a lot of people, they go along on a treadmill, this treadmill of life, and they’re just moving and moving and moving. And what they’re not aware of is everything that they think and everything they do, every thought they believe and say is learned behavior. And of course, when we look at everything that we do on a day-to-day basis, we’ve learned it from someone or from somewhere. And for a lot of us, when we look at our deepest beliefs, our beliefs of self, our beliefs of our relationships, our beliefs of what we can or can’t do, our beliefs about our lives too. All of those things have been kind of, on some level, programmed into us from our families, our extended families, our peers, our teachers, our coaches over time.

And what we don’t understand on a conscious level is that so much of what we learned about what we can and can’t do is not valid with anyone else. When you’re a three-year-old and someone says, “Don’t touch that, you’ll burn yourself,” that’s fine as a three-year-old. But as a 23-year-old, you know, if I touch it I’m gonna burn myself. Hello! It’s logical. But in a whole lot of other belief systems that we have, what we get told as young, young people, does not resonate with who we are as adults.

So for me, this book enabled me to put some information out there about steps to unravel who we are as adults. Because as adults, we are just big versions of the mini. That’s who we are. And do we change what’s happening in here? [pointing to brain] So for me, putting the book here was about creating and understanding and showing people the beginning steps of your life. Feel what it feels like to not worry about what people think of you. Not be consumed about other people’s opinions.

So that was what it was about. It was about just assisting people to the basics of navigating the beginnings of those stages. And for a lot of people, they would be able to take that book and understand it and work with them. But for so many who would have much, much deeper issues, they may not be able to come to the full conclusions without some help.

Excerpt 2:

Me: One of the things I really like from in your book as a whole, is you bring home the point of “you need to be self-aware”. You need to be aware of what are those you know, patterns that you have with those thoughts that you have. Be aware of where do they come from. I think that’s especially very, very important for entrepreneurs. What are some tools or some tips that you’ll recommend for entrepreneurs to start taking to become more self-aware.

Raine: I think one of the biggest ones is the treasure on the head. The treasure inside the head is kind of like an aspect of you that’s trying to keep you safe. It’s going to keep you in the dependence of that which is familiar and has served you for such a long time but then not necessarily the ones that are going to assist you to grow and move into the new era you want to go to. So being aware of what you’re thinking all the time, becoming observant to about what’s going on in your mind about being really careful about how you allow the thinking. All of that goes on in your mind because it is where the little blocks build and build and build. And you know, I mean I’ve done it myself. You know I couldn’t put my finger on when I was fearful of. And I came down to, I just got a new phone and I don’t know how to use it properly. And that’s what’s so – I have no fear around standing on the stage and talking to three hundred people, three thousand people. I have no fear of that. But this little phone oh my gosh! It was amazing how much that made me fearful. So being observant, watching what you think, watching your actions and your reactions.

One of the big lessons that I teach my clients is that, every time you have a reaction to something, stand back and watch yourself. Have a look on what’s going on in your body. See what’s happening, where it’s affecting you? Is it affecting your heart? Does it remind you of a situation that happened some time ago? And if it is, acknowledge that it’s about THAT experience. It’s not about THIS experience. It’s just what that experience created this fear in me and every time that comes to me, I automatically going to kind of particular mood and I act according on – so that’s a big one for me.

Being the observer of yourself, watch what other people trigger in you. Other people’s actions, other people’s words or other people’s lack of words or lack of reactions. And what are you making it mean about you? Because quite often, ninety percent of the time, somebody’s reaction are never about you. It’s only about them. So those are I think two of the big ones 1) watching what goes on inside your head and 2) being really mindful about what you allow it to do. How do you allow it to control you or not control you? Be very observant of yourself and looking at what you’re creating in reactions that triggers that come up for you. Because when you’re learning new things, the things that come up for you are “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not able to do this”, or “I don’t know how to do this”, blah blah blah. And I just bring up all the reasons why I shouldn’t be doing what I want to do.

Excerpt 3:

Me: You know the other thing I’ve really like in your book and this is super super important that I have heard quite a few people stress this fact – is the topic of self-care. Making sure you take care of yourself first. What habit would you recommend for an entrepreneur to start getting in to ensure that they’re taking care of themselves first.

Raine: It’s about eating really good quality of food. And for me, I cook my food from scratch so it’s nothing prepackage. It’s just ingredients in the cabinet that I have, this whole food, and cooking from scratch. Drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise, making sure that you get time to just think.

Me: I’m glad you’ve mentioned that one.

Raine: Making sure you get time to just think. And you know, it’s like anything that you do to exist when you’re in this mode of doing. It’s really important to take time to sit back and just. You know for me, I tried to make sure if I can, then I keep my weekends fresh. Lots of my weekend free. So I have time to take my bike in to town, have coffee with my friends or we get lunch or we do something and I take the time to just stop and appreciate life.

I’ve worked a long, long time and I understand how important it is to make sure that you appreciate your life. That you appreciate the quality of it and make it the best possible quality that you can. So that’s good food, lots of water and exercise, good sleep, a really, really good bed. Right comfortable bed is one of the most important things that you can do if you go to sleep. It’s more important than the quantity of sleep that you get.

So you know, the basic things really it’s food, water, exercise, sleep and, me time. Especially for someone who’s maybe got children and a partner. Having some me time. In particular women, I mean regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, having some time for just you. Even if all that you do is meditation, or whatever it is that you do – just to have time for you, is super, super important.

Once again, the full interview is available HERE. You can connect with Raine on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You get a copy of her book HERE.

Until next time!

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