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Hello everyone! I’m excited to introduce you to Chris Duncan. Chris has quite the story. From personal trainer, to DJ, to flat out broke and to financially free! Chris has launched multiple business and has helped many people launch their own Freedom Business. He’s the founder of The Expert Coach, The Freedom FastTrack and the director of Point B Education. He’s a coach, speaker, and will be in the movie – Rise Up this fall with Tony Robbins.

And, of course, he is an Amazon best-selling author. He currently has 2 books out “The Freedom Business Blueprint” and “The Freedom Business Explosion”. The first is to get you started on building your business. The 2nd is once you have a business, how to explode it!

The full interview is available here:

We covered topics ranging from what a freedom business is, how to build one up, how to go from employee to entrepreneur, time-money conditioning, self-employed endeavors, ego, rituals, and so much more. Watch the video for the full details.

I’d like to highlight the portion that discusses how to go from being a full-time employee to an entrepreneur. That is a big leap to take. As an employee, you don’t have to worry about making sure the rest of the company employees get paid. That doesn’t weigh on your shoulders. You also don’t have to worry about the steady income flow. You know that if you put in the hours, the pay will come. As an entrepreneur, it all lies on your shoulder. You are responsible for getting clients, making the sales, bringing in the revenue, running the accounting. You’re responsible for everything. No matter how much you dislike your job or feel that you are meant to be in it, the real world of bills is there to remind you of the stark realities of being an entrepreneur.

Now, that paragraph isn’t meant to discourage people from becoming entrepreneurs. But it’s good to know what you’re diving into. In coastal areas, we have the signs “know before you dive”. Check the depths of the waters. Understand where the rocks are. Same goes for entrepreneurship. That is why I appreciate Chris’ approach to building a freedom business. It provides an alternate voice for how to plan the transition from employee to entrepreneur. As Chris put it “becoming financially unstable is not freedom.”

So, what are the steps he recommends?

Step 1 – Message to Market Match

Start your business in the pockets of your time. You work 8 hours a day. Instead of watching TV, put in an extra few hours into building your business. Use this time to research, create, etc.… The goal is to get your first sale while you are still in your job. As one of his mentor’s mentioned, “If you can make a dollar, you can make a million.”

Step 2 – Magnify!

In this step, your only goal is to grow your revenue. The short term goal is to increase revenue to a place where you can cut your job in half. Once you do that, you have even more time freed up for your business. Continue focusing on revenue. Build it up. Soon enough, you will be able to quit your job and be full-time in your business.

Step 3 – Multiply

You want to be able to grow your business and also get yourself out of the way. By now, you’ll know which areas you like to work on and which give you heartache. Chris refers to the heartache areas as the “noise and pressure”. Hire someone to do those areas. Build that person up until they are looking after half of your business. They can do the things you don’t want to do. You can focus on doing the things you love.

One important key is to not just delegate, but to automate. Automating is cheaper. Work on systemizing your business. Keep track of how you do what you do. Create work instructions. Use screenshots, screen recordings etc.… Create work instructions so that someone else can do that job. You can apply this to most areas of your business. The goal is to have the business running with you. This is a true freedom business. It brings you revenue, but you don’t have to actively be involved in it.

And that is how you go about building what Chris calls a Freedom Business. Once again, check out the YouTube video for a LOT more content and get his books to get detailed steps and advice.

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