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For those who don’t already know, Gary Vaynerchuk’s book #AskGaryVee is now available! I had the privilege of getting an advanced copy. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved it. When you pick up your copy, trust me — have a notepad nearby. You’ll be highlighting and writing notes.

The book is full of actionable items. It’s written in a Q&A format, so you can hear Gary’s talking style throughout the book. It goes fast, it packs a mean punch of content and you’re left thinking “okay, let’s start doing this”.

As you would expect, there is a lot of information about social media platforms, influencer marketing, how to go about creating content, how to start off, jabs and right hooks, and other practical things. The parts that resonated the most with me were Gary’s view on the core aspects — self awareness, gratitude, leadership, and management.

In your business, responsibility ultimately lands on you. If you want your company to have the right culture or your employees to have the right attitude — it begins with you. You set the tone.

What tone are you setting?

Start off by assessing yourself. Know your weaknesses. Know your strengths. And then, do as Gary (and Richard Koch in 80/20 Principle) recommends — focus on your strengths.

What is your attitude? That too will bleed off on those around you. Try gratitude. There’s a reason so many successful people stress the importance of being grateful.

Focus on being the leader and the manager your employees need. Lead by example. Gary writes how he once drove across state lines in a blizzard during Christmastime to deliver a case of wine to a customer. He knew his employees were watching. He knew he had to walk the walk.

Leadership requires humility. Help your team succeed. Set them up for success, not for failure. Ask them where they want to be. If you say that you want to see them succeed, truly do that. Don’t suppress them out of fear that they might trump you. Build a relationship with your team. Earn their trust, loyalty and respect. The results will blow you away!

If you only read pages 211–264 of his book, you will still walk away feeling that it was worth your time and money.

This quote, to me, says it all:

“I tell my clients up front that I care about my employees first, their customers second, and them last.”

So go out. Buy the book. Use the knowledge to build up your company, build up your people and make an impact.

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