The Box We Were Given

the box we were given by silvica rosca

Each of us were given a certain “box” in life. That box is comprised of the belief systems our parents taught us. It affects everything in our life — faith, relationships, and especially success potential. You see, that box tells us what we believe is possible for our lives.

All of our achievements will occur within the constraints of our box. The good news is that we can move the boundaries. The box we were given does not have to be the box we live in. Through education, personal development and choice we can expand our box. We can achieve more than what our parents had imagined for us.

And that is why books are so important. Through books, you can interact people whose boundaries are far more expansive than yours. You can be introduced to new thoughts, new ways of seeing the world.

As many successful entrepreneurs, turned authors, said — always invest in your personal development. Never stop reading.

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