Naivete — A Weakness or Strength?

Shawn Thomas Naivete Silvica Rosca

One of my recent reads is The Power of Naivete by Shawn Thomas. Most times, the word “naivete” has negative connotations. When you hear it you think “easy to take advantage of”. You definitely don’t associate it with power.

But it does have power. If you want to accomplish big things in life, you need to believe that you can actually do so! You can’t allow your past negative experiences — or those of others, for that matter — to jade your perspective.

Experience tells us that for every success story, there are many stories of people who gave up. The world at large seems to say that the odds are not in your favor.

You need to be naive enough to believe that you are the exception. And that is the power that Shawn refers to. Having that small dosage of naivete will give you the bravado to start your journey.

So go ahead — be naive enough to dare to believe that your big, audacious goals will be achieved!

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